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2017 National School Bus Safety Week: 
October 16-20
Please thank a bus driver/bus attendant for their dedication to safely transporting the children of KISD!!!!


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Transportation Information 2017-2018

If you have moved or changed schools, please call the KISD Transportation Department between July 31-Aug 4 to receive your child’s new bus information.  No bus changes will be made the first 2-3 weeks of school. 

If you have not moved or changed schools, please do not call.  The bus stop information will be the same. 

KISD Transportation Phone # 830-257-1333 (EXT 2) 

Bus Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. Student must reside inside the KISD boundary to be bus eligible.  Students will not be transported outside of the KISD boundary.

  2. Student must live two or more miles from their school of attendance.

  3. Student can only be transported to a Grandparent’s house or State Certified Daycare as long as the Grandparent’s house or Daycare are two or more miles from the student’s school of attendance.

  4. Students that choose to stay at their overflow school are not bus eligible. 

NOTE:  Kindergarten students are not allowed to be dropped off without a pre-approved person (12 years or older) waiting at the stop to receive the student. 

The receiving person must present a picture ID to the bus driver and must be listed on the “Approval” form to receive the student from the bus. 

The “Approval” form must be filled out and turned in to the child’s school of attendance.

            The mission of the KISD Transportation Department is to provide safe, efficient and caring transportation for all school children. 

Director's Message:  The Transportation Department is an important member of the educational team, which includes the school district and community.  We will continue to strive for excellence and are always looking for more efficient ways to improve our operation, while at the same time, placing the safety of our students and employees first.  We take seriously the trust and confidence that the parents and community have placed in us to transport what is most precious to us:

Please remember to always stop for a school bus when the red flashings lights are activated.  This means that students are loading or unloading the school bus.  It is against the law to pass a school bus while the red flashing lights are on.

The KISD Transportation Department has a reputation of transporting students all over Texas safely and efficiently.  Please thank a bus driver/bus aide for their dedication of transporting these students in a caring manner.

All bus requests must be submitted online.  Click the following link to begin:  http://fieldtriprequest

Campus office staff can now access student routing information by signing in to Infofinder LE.  Call the Transportation Office at 257-1333 for more information

Everyday at Transportation:

Transportation maintains a fleet of more than 40 buses, transports over 2600 children and covers over 160 square miles everyday. 
From 5:15 am, when the crew fires up the buses to begin the daily routes, until the last bus rolls into the yard around 6:00 pm, Transportation is on duty. Transportation is dedicated to providing safe, efficient and caring bus service for the students of KISD.  

Brad Harvey
Brad Harvey

Transportation Director

Sue Hendrick
Transportation Coordinator

Lisa Smith
Administrative Assistant

Roger Weaver
Lead Technician 

Fax: 257-1334

505 Yorktown Blvd
Kerrville, TX 78028