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November 6, 2017


The Advanced Academics Department handles: 

- Advanced Placement (AP) Courses The Advanced Academic department coordinates the training and curriculum for the advanced placement and dual credit programs. Both programs provide instruction at a college level. Advanced Placement classes are taught with textbooks and syllabi based on a four year college curriculum. The teacher’s syllabus must be approved by the College Board to be called an “AP” class. Students must pass an exam at the end of the course to get college credit. AP credit is accepted by most state universities. As GT students are cluster grouped into the AP classes, all AP teachers are required to complete GT training in addition to a full week of training in an AP Institute.

- Dual Credit - Dual credit is offered at Tivy High School through Alamo Colleges. KISD offers dual credit courses in core courses such as English IV and US Government. In addition, various vocational courses are offered for dual credit for juniors and seniors who are accepted to Alamo Colleges. Junior College dual credit is accepted by many universities. Teachers of dual credit courses offered in core courses must have a master’s degree in their subject area, be accepted as an adjunct professor by Alamo Colleges, and complete GT training to provide appropriate differentiation for GT students who are cluster grouped in these classes.  

Schreiner University offers co-enrollment courses for seniors who are looking for challenges beyond the high school campus. Seniors who meet the entrance requirements for early enrollment can take freshmen level courses at Schreiner during their senior year. With its close proximity, excellent teaching staff, and a beautiful campus, Schreiner University provides a wonderful opportunity for students to try university classes in a nearby setting. 

- Gifted and Talented Program - Instruction for gifted students is provided in cluster grouped classes in all grades. This means the gifted students are taught with other gifted students by a GT trained teacher, along with students of average or above ability. This grouping model works effectively because it allows the teacher to focus on high level questioning strategies and the depth of instruction. It also allows students who are not identified as gifted, but are high achievers capable or working effectively at an accelerated pace, to be properly challenged. KISD strives to serve the students' academic needs according to each child's individual ability rather than by only providing services according to a mandated label. Click this link to access the State Plan

- Gifted and Talented Program: New Student Information -
Kerrville I.S.D. serves students identified as gifted in grades K-12. New students enrolling in Kerrville I.S.D. who were in a G/T program in a previous district should provide documentation including previous standardized test scores to the school counselor. 

Kerrville ISD will honor previous G/T placements for new students with appropriate documentation from the student's previous district. Students without documentation will be required to be screened in order to qualify for the G/T program in the spring. 

Newly enrolled students from private or public schools who previously did not participate in a gifted and talented program can be nominated for G/T screening during the spring semester. Kerrville I.S.D. is committed to providing an appropriate level of challenge for all students according to his/her individual ability. 

Please contact the counselor at your child's school with any questions concerning the criteria for placement in enriched or advanced level courses in middle school or high school. 

If you have any other questions, please contact Sylvia Flannery, Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction at 830-257-2200 (ext. 1030). 

- Horizons - In grades 6-8, HORIZONS classes provide a more rigorous level of instruction for both gifted and high ability students that meet the placement criteria. The Advanced Academic department provides additional special training for these teachers on how to differentiate the curriculum by focusing on critical thinking skills and using the latest technology to keep the students engaged. HORIZONS students often are given additional assignments or projects that help them understand the concepts taught at a deeper level. Click here for more information. 

- 504 - Click here to read more about 504 education. Click here for the Notice of Rights

TXSVNlogo.jpgCourses of particular interest to students not otherwise offered at Tivy High School can be considered through the Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN).  Geared toward high ability students, these online courses are typically proven to be rigorous and for students able to work independently on subjects of particular interest.  Students can only enroll with the approval of the TXVSN school coordinator, Keely Vanacker.  For more information, visit the TXVSN website at and click on the TxVSN/Catalog tab or contact Mrs. Vanacker at 257-2212, x. 3514.


Sylvia Flannery
Senior Director of
Curriculum and Instruction
830-257-2200, ext. 1030