Special Education

2017-2018 Special Education StaffSped Staff

 We believe in the potential of all Kerrville Independent School District students. The Special Education Department serves a particular role in this mission, to ensure all students with disabilities have access to and benefit from the general education curriculum.


              Assessment Specialists                  
Assessment Specialists  

Speech Assessment Specialists

Speech Assessment Specialists

Related Service Specialists
Related Service Specialists 

Special Education Office Staff and Administrators

Sped Staff   Sped Staff

Special Education Central Office Staff 2017-2018
Phone: (830) 257-2203  Fax: (830) 896-3322

Michele Gist-Barrow Senior Director  Ext. 1210 michele.gist-barrow@kerrvilleisd.net
Myrna Olivarez Secretary to the Senior Director Ext. 1215 myrna.olivarez@kerrvilleisd.net
Kay Blevins SHARS/Records Clerk Ext. 1216 kay.blevins@kerrvilleisd.net
Gayla Fair Supervisor Ext. 1220 gayla.fair@kerrvilleisd.net
Micah Wrase LSSP/Student Intervention Specialist  Ext. 1230 micah.wrase@kerrvilleisd.net
Pam Blair  LSSP (HPMS/SES) Ext. 1227 pam.blair@kerrvilleisd.net
Layne Neel LSSP (NES/TES) Ext. 1228 layne.neel@kerrvilleisd.net
Barbara Green Diagnostician (THS/HCHS/KCJDC) Ext. 1226 barbara.green@kerrvilleisd.net
Lezlie Sirianni  Diagnostician (ECC/Private Schools PK-5) Ext. 1229 lezlie.sirianni@kerrvilleisd.net
Bethany Whitfill  Diagnostician (BTW/DES/Private Schools 6-12) Ext. 1231 bethany.whitfill@kerrvilleisd.net
Tracy Flowers  Speech Language Pathologist - Lead (NES/SES) Ext. 2453 tracy.flowers@kerrvilleisd.net
Lisa Cook  Speech Language Pathologist (DES/BTW) Ext. 2059 lisa.cook@kerrvilleisd.net
Cheri Rippee  Speech Language Pathologist (THS/HPMS) 257-2210 cheri.rippee@kerrvilleisd.net
Megan Hartenstein  Speech Language Pathologist (ECC/NES) 257-2210 megan.hartenstein@kerrvilleisd.net
Stephanie Drake-Woods Occupational Therapist  Ext. 1224 stephanie.drake-woods@kerrvilleisd.net
Vickie Stuart Physical Therapist Ext. 1223 vickie.stuart@kerrvilleisd.net
Linda Mann  Teacher of the Visually Impaired Ext. 1225 linda.mann@kerrvilleisd.net
Jennifer Geisel  Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SES) 257-2210 jennifer.geisel@kerrvilleisd.net
Lindsay Conklin Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (THS) 257-2212 lindsay.conklin@kerrvilleisd.net
Cathy Martin  SPED Counselor, Secondary Ext. 1251 cathy.martin@kerrvilleisd.net
Monica Templeton  SPED Counselor, Elementary Ext. 2666 monica.templeton@kerrvilleisd.net

Michele Gist-Barrow

Michele Gist-Barrow, Ed.D.
Senior Director of
Special Education