District Goals

Provide students with engaging, rigorous, and personalized academic and social-emotional learning experiences to meet individual student needs, foster student ownership in learning and develop 21st century skills for lifelong learning.

Develop future-ready students and build a strong academic foundation in literacy and math by ensuring all students are reading on grade level by grade 3 and remain on grade level and by ensuring all students successfully complete algebra coursework.

Empower all students to identify post-secondary pathways and provide personalized support for college, career, and military readiness through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM), Career and Technology Education (CTE), workforce certification, college credit, Advanced Placement and other program opportunities.

Recruit, develop and retain employees that are student-centered, focused on continuous learning and improvement, passionate, innovative, collaborative, goal oriented and ethical. 

Maintain sound fiscal management of district budgets by aligning resources to improve student learning, ensure future-ready students and meet district goals while continuously advocating for an adequate and equitable Texas public school finance system.