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Kerrville ISD is holding a continuing education training for all individuals that currently mentor students in the Kerrville Independent School District. An informational meeting date will be held on October 27 at the Starkey Elementary Cafeteria at 5:30pm. 

The topic, "How to respond when........" will be facilitated by several of the KISD counselors.  Attending this meeting is also a good way to learn about the program if you are not a current mentor and are interested in becoming one. Mentoring only requires a one hour time commitment per week, and Kerrville ISD is always looking for new mentors for students. 

New mentors must complete a short application, provide references, and be approved through a criminal background check. Mentors are given a handbook and a training session by a campus coordinator. To learn more, or to sign up to be a mentor, contact Laurie Rees, lead coordinator, at 257-2200, extension 2051.


By all estimates, an astounding 17.6 million young people ~ nearly 1/2 the population of young people between 10 and 18 years of age ~ live in situations that could keep them from living up to their potential.  Without immediate intervention by caring adults, they could make choices that not only undermine their futures, but, ultimately, the economic and social well-being of our nation.  Mentoring is the presence of caring adults offering support, advice, friendship, reinforcement, and constructive examples and has proven to be a powerful tool for helping young people fulfill their potential.

Mentoring can help by:

· Improving young people’s attitudes toward their parents, peers, and teachers;
· Encouraging students to stay motivated and  focused on their education;
· Providing a positive way for young people to spend free time
· Helping young people face daily challenges; and, 
· Offering young people opportunities to consider new career paths and get much-needed economic skills and knowledge.  


Contact the mentoring director at your campus of choice, or call Laurie Rees on the Daniels campus at 830-257-2200, ext. 2051

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