District of Innovation

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The Kerrville ISD District of Innovation plan is now available for viewing. 
Click here to see the plan.

District of Innovation PowerPoint
District of Innovation Resolution
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District of Innovation Committee

School Representatives Special Education:
Tivy High School: Michele Gist-Barrow - Director
Shelby Balser - Principal Gayla Fair - Supervisor
Aaron "AJ" Johnson - Teacher  

HCHS/Alternative Education:
B. T. Wilson: Aaron Cook - Teacher
Amy Waiser - Counselor  
  Community Representatives
Daniels Elementary: Kim Clarkson
Monica Freeman - Teacher Rhonda Davison
  Cayce McCormick
Nimitz Elementary: Greg Peschel
 Carla Wedekind - Teacher Randy Simank
  Lisa Thompson
Starkey Elementary:
Amy Ahrens - Principal Central Office Representatives
Gena Robertson - Teacher Mark J. Foust - Superintendent
  Heather Engstrom - Assistant Superintendent
Tally Elementary: Wade Ivy - Assistant Superintendent 
Susan Witt - Teacher Sylvia Flannery - Director of C & I
  Charli Stehling - Director of Personnel
Early Childhood: Lesle Stevens - Director Special Programs
Crystal Duffield - Teacher