Special Education

We believe in the potential of all Kerrville Independent School District students. The Special Education Department serves a particular role in this mission, to ensure all students with disabilities have access to and benefit from the general education curriculum.


Special Education Central Office Staff 2017-2018
Phone: (830) 257-2203  Fax: (830) 896-3322

Michele Gist-Barrow Senior Director  Ext. 1210 michele.gist-barrow@kerrvilleisd.net
Myrna Olivarez Secretary to the Senior Director Ext. 1215 myrna.olivarez@kerrvilleisd.net
Kay Blevins SHARS/Records Clerk Ext. 1216 kay.blevins@kerrvilleisd.net
Gayla Fair Supervisor Ext. 1220 gayla.fair@kerrvilleisd.net
Micah Wrase LSSP/Student Intervention Specialist  Ext. 1230 micah.wrase@kerrvilleisd.net
Pam Blair  LSSP/Diagnostician (HPMS/SES) Ext. 1227 pam.blair@kerrvilleisd.net
Layne Neel LSSP/Diagnostician(NES/TES) Ext. 1228 layne.neel@kerrvilleisd.net
Barbara Green Diagnostician (THS/HCHS/KCJDC) Ext. 1226 barbara.green@kerrvilleisd.net
Lezlie Sirianni  Diagnostician (ECC/Private Schools PK-5) Ext. 1229 lezlie.sirianni@kerrvilleisd.net
Bethany Whitfill  Diagnostician (BTW/DES/Private Schools 6-12) Ext. 1231 bethany.whitfill@kerrvilleisd.net
Tracy Flowers  Speech Language Pathologist - Lead (NES/SES) Ext. 2453 tracy.flowers@kerrvilleisd.net
Lisa Cook  Speech Language Pathologist (DES/BTW) Ext. 2059 lisa.cook@kerrvilleisd.net
Cheri Rippee  Speech Language Pathologist (THS/HPMS) 257-2210 cheri.rippee@kerrvilleisd.net
Megan Hartenstein  Speech Language Pathologist (ECC/NES) 257-2210 megan.hartenstein@kerrvilleisd.net
Stephanie Drake-Woods Occupational Therapist  Ext. 1224 stephanie.drake-woods@kerrvilleisd.net
Vickie Stuart Physical Therapist Ext. 1223 vickie.stuart@kerrvilleisd.net
Linda Mann  Teacher of the Visually Impaired Ext. 1225 linda.mann@kerrvilleisd.net
Jennifer Geisel  Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SES) 257-2210 jennifer.geisel@kerrvilleisd.net
Lindsay Conklin Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (THS) 257-2212 lindsay.conklin@kerrvilleisd.net
Cathy Martin  SPED Counselor, Secondary Ext. 1251 cathy.martin@kerrvilleisd.net
Monica Templeton  SPED Counselor, Elementary Ext. 2666 monica.templeton@kerrvilleisd.net

Michele Gist-Barrow

Michele Gist-Barrow, Ed.D.
Senior Director of Special Education