Elementary Campuses Get Wireless Upgrade

Elementary Campuses Get Wireless Upgrade
Posted on 12/11/2014
Since the summer of 2014, the KISD Technology Department has been planning to expand the wireless coverage at all campuses.  We had the base system in place that would allow us to expand our existing wireless easily and seamlessly.  Thanks to our PTO's and other grant funding, we were able to purchase over 30 wireless access points for Daniels, Nimitz and Starkey Elementary.

As we began looking at this project we had one goal in mind; to provide a stable, reliable and easily accessible wireless network for staff, students and the community.  As we started this fall semester, we deployed a new wireless configuration at Tivy hoping it would become a model for the rest of the district.  Unfortunately, our first attempt at this did not meet our goal, so starting in October we worked to completely re-engineer the entire wireless infrastructure.  After several weeks of designing, testing and implementing we were excited to launch a re-vamped wireless infrastructure that, after running several pilots at BT Wilson and Tivy HS, was stable, reliable and extremely easy to access.  We turned around and fully launched the new AntlerNet and Staff Wireless networks at BT Wilson and Tivy HS.  Within the first two days we were seeing over 500 clients connecting and today routinely see over 600 connections.  

Now that we had the core setup ready to go, we needed to expand our coverage at our elementary campuses where overall coverage was very poor.  In working with the KISD Maintenance Department they quickly coordinated the installation of approximately three miles of cables in those campuses.  Now that this vital step is complete we are feverishly working to terminate all the cable and install these new access points.  

As of December 10th, we have completed the wireless upgrade at Starkey Elementary and should have Daniels Elementary online tomorrow with Nimitz coming online on or around December 17th.   

We are truly excited to see this first phase of our wireless expansion successfully wrapping up before the Christmas holidays.  Below is a brief overview of the new wireless networks.

AntlerNet - A public wireless network that any device can connect to.  There is no authentication onto this network so anyone who brings any device should have access to this network.  We are still providing filtering on this public network in accordance to CIPA.

Staff Wireless - this network is built to only allow KISD laptops and desktops to connect to it. iPads (regardless of if they are KISD’s or personal), tablets, phones, and non-KISD laptops and desktops will not connect to this network.  This network has access to files, printers and other resources just like your teacher/staff computer does.